COVID-19 and The Nebraska Seal of Biliteracy

Nebraska Seal of Biliteracy

Submissions for The Nebraska Seal of Biliteracy will continue. Students may still follow the online process. Applications received by April 15 will be reviewed and awards will be made by the end of May. Processing time is seriously delayed due to the restrictions in place from COVID-19. Applications can still be made after April 15. Those applications will be held until September for review and awarding. It is possible for students to receive The Nebraska Seal of Biliteracy after graduation.

Students who wish to apply for the Seal will apply through the online application. The application process has no fee and can be found from the Seal website. The application requests the student’s contact information, an upload of proof of eligibility for English and for another language, school information, teacher name, and parent contact information. Once the form is submitted, an automatic response is sent to the parent to notify them that the student has submitted the application.