Cornhusker Contingent Reports From Washington D.C.

Jamie Honke, Ralston Public Schools, First-time Attendee

Jamie Honke at ACTFL 2019

Jamie Honke and Michael Peto, a national presenter on Comprehension-based Communicative Language Teaching (CCLT).

What was the highlight of the experience?
I was absolutely thrilled to be part of the Comprehension-based Communicative Language Teaching (CCLT) Special Interest Group and learn so many strategies that span across levels and languages. I was surrounded by a wealth of resources and educators for Heritage Language Learners, an area that can be difficult to resources without this tremendous networking opportunity.

I met Michael Peto, a specialist in CCLT who also works with teachers to develop programming for Spanish for Heritage Speakers. Peto compiled and edited “Practical Advice for Teachers of Heritage Learners of Spanish: Essays by Classroom Teachers, 2nd Ed.”. I authored one of the essays in the book. Peto has been instrumental in my development of a CCLT classroom and the development of programming of Spanish for Spanish Speakers in my school district.

What would you advise others considering attending an ACTFL Convention?
I would absolutely advise others to attend ACTFL, especially if you need support in special interest groups that you might not have currently have resources to support. ACTFL brings together a whole nation full of resources and helpful educators that want to progressively move the needle to benefit our language learners.


Kelleen Browning, Lincoln Southeast High School

German AATG Booth at ACTFL

Schnappi, the crocodile, was chosen by Browning’s students as a class representative to accompany her. Schnappi is pictured meeting Hannah Bär of AATG.

What was the highlight of the experience?
Meeting and collaborating with other teachers of German

What would you advise others considering attending an ACTFL convention?
This was my second ACTFL convention. Read the program before attending. Pick a particular thing you want to see above the others, and see if there are enough different sessions about it. If there are only one to two sessions you want to see, and you are questioning whether you should attend, email the lead presenters. If there are more than two sessions, it is worth it to go. Bring snacks and a water bottle!





Kelly Garcia, ESU 5

Art Wall at ACTFL

The artistry station at ACTFL is evidence of collaborative art therapy to help teachers relax.

What was the highlight of the experience?
Connecting with online friends in person

What would you advise others considering attending an ACTFL convention?
This was my fourth ACTFL convention. Plan what sessions you will attend. Go early and wear comfortable shoes. Take time to process and reflect.