NILA Notes

If you did not attend NILA’s annual conference this year, you missed a great event.

Consistently, teachers attending the conference reported how important it was to be able to network with other teachers. This face-to-face time is a rare opportunity to reach out, to connect, to collaborate, and to gain from the experience of others.

As an honorary member of the NILA Board, I have seen the dedication in trying to provide a wide arrange of selections that fit the needs of Nebraska educators. Plans for the 2019 Conference are already under way.

You have an opportunity to grow your organization stronger and greater. NILA will send out request for presenters. Apply to be a presenter. Send recommendations for presenters and keynote presenters to NILA. Send nominations for NILA’s recognition awards. Most of all, attend the conference next year in Kearney.

NILA 2019 will be a conference like no other. NDE hopes to have the World Language standards ready for roll out before the conference. NILA is reaching out to schools of higher education and other educational providers to provide specialized tracks to meet their professional needs, to build collaboration with K-12 schools, and to establish partnerships. Watch the NILA website in the months to come for more information.