Alternative Program Teaching Permit

Requirements:  Employment in a Nebraska school system.

Permit Term:  This permit is NOT renewable and expires August 31 in the second year following the year of issuance.

Permit Allowance:  The Alternative Program Teaching Permit may be issued when the following is met:

  1. Evidence of qualifying for one or more teaching endorsements.
  2. A completed baccalaureate degree.
  3. District completion of Alternative Program Teaching Permit NDE 20-0070.
  4. Path 1 or 2 are met:
    1. Path 1. The required portion of an approved teacher education program including:
      1. Fifty percent (50%) of the pre-student teaching requirements including a course in teaching methods AND
      2. (75%) of the requirements for at least one (1) subject or field endorsement. (These program requirements are determined by the college certification officer at the teacher education institution where you have set up your program.)
    2. Path 2
      1. Complete a state-approved alternative program for teaching which includes education-related coursework.
      2. Hold a current regular teaching certificate in another state.
  • Submit evidence of one (1) year teaching experience (K-12) in the last five (5) years in an approved/accredited school.

Application Instructions

Once you have reviewed the academic and state requirements and you

  1. Complete the Online Application Form
  2. Pay the nonrefundable application fee.
  3. Request and/or submit fingerprinting cards.
  4. Submit complete form Alternative Program Teaching Permit NDE 20-0070.
Updated January 6, 2022 4:59pm