Step Up To Quality Stories

What Happens When a Program Reaches Step 5?

The Step Up to Quality process consists of five steps. Once programs have made it to the fifth step, they’re rated every five years to maintain that level.

But first, celebrations are definitely in order.

“It’s a big accomplishment!” said Lynne Cook, the coaching specialist at Step Up to Quality.

Lifelong Learning

They’re not just kicking back and relaxing at that point, though.

“Just because you’re at a Step 5 doesn’t mean the learning ends,” Lynne said.

For programs at a Step 5, and even at any point, it’s time to keep on top of what it means to be a high quality early childhood educator.

“Step Up to Quality is all about continuous quality improvement,” she said.

This could mean achieving the Child Development Associate credential, attending a training seminar or even listening to a new podcast.

Quality Tips

Jen Nelson, who operates a family child care program out of her home, was one of the first providers to reach a Step 5 in Nebraska. Jen has also gone back to school to earn her degree, and loves taking advantage of development programs and conferences.

“What’s next?” she asked Lynne.

Lynne had some tips for Jen – view their conversation below and share on your social media feeds!