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Learn How Step 2 Updates are Supporting Providers

Whether you’re already enrolled in Step Up to Quality or are considering enrolling, we’ve got some exciting news regarding our latest program updates: we’re reducing the training requirements for Step 2, beginning in October 2022.

If you’ve already completed Step 2, wonderful! All of the training that we offer to providers is valuable, and we’re glad you gained this knowledge. These Step 2 changes, along with other program updates, were guided by a committee of early childhood education professionals who gathered feedback from three webinars (with a total of nearly 300 participants) and 120 survey responses.

The intention of reducing these hours is to ensure even more providers can find the time to continue their Step Up to Quality journey, ultimately improving the quality of early childhood care for even more of Nebraska’s children.

What’s new for Step 2

Step 2 is all about training. The important thing to remember about Step 2, and about the whole Step Up to Quality process, is that it’s self paced. It’s not a race, so don’t feel pressure to get through these training sessions in a hurry. Beginning in October 2022, here’s what’s new for Step 2:

  • Director/Step Up to Quality designee must complete at least 4 Early Learning Guidelines (ELG) Domains (24 hours): Nebraska’s Early Learning Connection regions are offering $15 ELGs to anyone working in a Step Up to Quality participating program. Contact your local Early Learning Connection Coordinator to learn how you can receive a 50% reduction in registration fees for all ELG training.
  • Go NAPSACC: The 20-minute Go NAPSACC orientation video is no longer required for Step 2 (this began in June 2022).
  • Special Care training (3 hours): Find and register for this training here.
  • Introduction to the Environment Rating Scales or Introduction to the CLASS training (4 hours): Find and register for these trainings here.

Learn more about other updates to the whole Step Up to Quality process, like earlier coaching opportunities and what other updates you can expect in 2023.