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Amy Tomlinson

Amy Tomlinson has been an agricultural educator for the past fourteen years. She has five years of experience teaching in California and then the past nine in Nebraska. The Nebraska STEM Fellows program was a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with other teachers across this state that were not just in your subject area. The opportunity to create a new lesson, brainstorm and really work on integrating all subject areas into every classroom was great to experience. Prior to attending the program, Amy’s definition of STEM was just the typical science, technology, engineering and math. Post fellows program, STEM actually encompasses all subjects not just the area’s the acronym stands for and can be easily integrated into all classrooms.

As a result of this program Amy has been able to make two presentations on STEM education. One to the teachers of the South Central Unified School District and the second during the Nebraska Agricultural Educators Association during their fall in-service. Since the fellows program Amy has been able to make small tweaks to lessons to encompass more subjects into her area of agriculture including increasing math during feeds lessons, engineering during drone usage and ramped up the science across the board in all classes.

Updated October 16, 2018 9:46am