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CTE Month is celebrated every February across the nation.  Additional information will be shared throughout the year.  For resources about teaching about CTE and Say Yes to FACS, visit the Resources section of this page.

For more information about CTE Month, check out the ACTE website. 

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In addition, we have put together the following lesson plans for teachers to utilize throughout the month which can be used in any Family and Consumer Sciences class.

CTE Month Lesson Plan

Say YES to FACS Lesson Plan



Understanding Standards and Programs of Study

Course Reporting

Course reporting helps to ensure that the information your district provides is not only accurate but that as a teacher you are receiving accurate credit for the courses you are teaching.  While every school has a different Data Steward, you can do your part to ensure that information is correct.  Please utilize this form for assisting your District’s Data Steward has all the information needed to accurately report your Family and Consumer Sciences Courses.

FACS Course Code Reporting Sheet

Middle School Standards

Middle School Standards (2017 Version)

Over the past year, the need for Middle School standards was made very apparent.  As a result, a team of teachers worked throughout the year to examine current practice and develop standards for middle school implementation.

Courses will appear as FACS 6, FACS 7, and FACS 8.  Teachers can teach any of the courses to any grade level.  The number simply denotes what most FACS teachers in Nebraska believe it is the appropriate age at which to teach that set of standards.  These courses will appear as coded courses in the Course Codes and Clearing Endorsements (Appendix D) for the 2016-17 school year.  If you have questions about these standards or implementation, please contact the FACS Career Field Specialist, Kristin Vest.

Through the standards writing process the team also contributed suggested teaching activities to assist with ideas for how to teach the standard.  Strategies will continue to be added to this list throughout next year and beyond.  This is a separate document from the official standards listing so that updates can be made independently of the standards.  If you have teaching strategies and resources to add, please send them to Kristin Vest at kristin.vest@nebraska.gov

MS Standards

MS Standards with Teaching Strategies





2016 Standards Revision

2016 Standards Revision

Beginning in December 2015, the standards for Family and Consumer Sciences have undergone major changes. These changes include course standard edits, brand new courses, and Programs of Study that align to careers in Family and Consumer Sciences. These changes were approved by the Nebraska Board of Education in November and over the next several months, the migration of these standards from “draft” to “official” will take place.

While not all course numbers are official at this point, the course titles are. This information will be updated as it becomes available.

The following are the approved Programs of Study related to Family and Consumer Sciences and Education and Training for the 2017-2018 year.

Programs of Study: Human Sciences and Education

Human Services

Program of Study Title
Child, Youth, and Family Studies
Human Growth and Development
Interpersonal Relationships 090116
Parents and Families 090117
Early Childhood Education and Services
Child Development 090119
Early Childhood Education and Services
Early Childhood Practicum
Nutrition and Wellness
Fundamentals of Food and Nutrition 090107
Food Science
Fundamentals of Food and Nutrition 090107
Food Science 090113
Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship 320600 or
Entrepreneurship 032370 or
College Introduction to Entrepreneurship 032600
Intro to Design Principles
Textile Construction 090103 or
Home Design and Interiors 090109 or
Fashion Design 090206
Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship 320600 or
Entrepreneurship 032370 or
College Introduction to Entrepreneurship 032600
Counseling and Mental Health
Families in Crisis
Careers in Mental Health
Psychology or
AP Psychology or
FNS: Nutrition and Food Science Certified
FNS Food Production, Nutrition and Health 018080
FNS Food Science 018081 or
FNS Nutrition Science 018082
FNS Food and Nutrition Research and Development 018083


Program of Study Title
Education and Training
Introduction to Education and TrainingBest Practices in Education and TrainingField Experience in Education and Training


Programs of Study: Business, Marketing, and Management

Hospitality and Tourism

Program of Study Title
BMM.HS.1Culinary ArtsFundamentals of Food and Nutrition 090107Culinary I 370021Culinary II 370022 or
Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship 320600 or
Entrepreneurship 032370 or
College Introduction to Entrepreneurship 032600
BMM.HS.2ProStartFundamentals of Food and Nutrition 090107ProStart I 370030ProStart II 370031


The following documents feature the standards and benchmarks for these Programs of Study. In order for a course to be counted in data reporting, the teacher must teach 90% of the standards and benchmarks of each course. These are the official standards and benchmarks for these courses and as such, will not be changed moving forward.

Child, Youth, and Family Studies Standards and Courses

Counseling and Mental Health Standards and Courses

Design Standards and Courses

Food Science Standards and Courses

Food and Nutrition Standards and Courses

Early Child Ed Services and Course

Culinary Arts Standards and Courses

ProStart Standards and Courses

*These Programs of Study are housed in the Hospitality and Tourism cluster but are taught only by certified Family and Consumer Sciences teachers

As more information is finalized in the coming months, additional information such as course codes will be added. If you have any questions about the standards, benchmarks, or Programs of Study and their implementation, please contact Kristin Vest at kristin.vest@nebraska.org


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