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Simplified Nutrient Assessment

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USDA Application Materials

Forms & Resource Center

Application Materials in Alternate Languages

Note: When using the following prototype materials from USDA, be sure to add the current reduced price income guidelines in the appropriate chart.

Spanish Application for 2018-19 School Year:

Attachment C – Spanish Free and Reduced Price School Meals Applicationpdfdoc
Attachment B – Spanish Letter to Houseolddoc

Attachment D – Spanish Approval – Denial Letter

Attachment D-3 – Spanish Notice of Change in Benefitsdoc
Attachment E – Spanish Computing Income for Self-Employed Individualsdoc
Attachmeent L – Spanish Sharing Information with Other Programsdoc
Verification Materials
Attachment F – Spanish Verification Selection Letterdoc
Attachment G – Spanish Verification Results Letterdoc
Medical Statement pdf

Other Prototype Applications Available:

Reviewing the Basics of Verification

Reviewing the Basics of Verification

Verification is the confirmation of eligibility for free and reduced-price meals under the National School Lunch Program. All school districts participating agree to comply with all verification requirements by November 15 of each year. Refer to the Eligibility Manual for School Meals, Federal Policy for Determining and Verifying Eligibility (revised June 29, 2017) for guidance.

Let’s review the basics:

    • An application counts as one application, household applications are required.

    • Remove any applications that contain a student who is on the “Qualified Student List Directly Certified as Free” keep these application in a separate file. These applications should not be a part of the verification pool.

    • Denied applications, while they must be kept on file, are not part of the verification pool.

    • An Alternate-Random sample of three percent must be chosen. The maximum number of applications selected for verification cannot exceed the 3% sample size. All decimals must be rounded up. For example: 110 applications x .03 = 3.3. Four applications would need to be verified. Every school district must verify at least one application. School districts who had a non response rate of 20% or more last year must select the required 3% sample from the Standard-Error Prone applications. Standard-Error Prone applications are those applications within $1,200 of the annual income guidelines.

    • A school district may verify questionable applications for cause. However, any verification done for cause must be in addition to the three percent random sample.

    • Direct Verification is an option schools may use to verify household applications by uploading the sample selection into the Direct Verification screens provided in the online Coylar System. Instructions for using the Direct Verification process are posted on our website. Click Link

    • Verification must be completed for all households notified of their selection for verification.

    • Households that do not respond to the request for verification information must be contacted a second time by mail, phone, fax, email or personal contact. The second contact must be documented on the Verification Tracker, Attachment H-2.

    • Verification reviews family income received anytime from the date of application through the school district’s due date for verification. Families must supply proof of all forms of income listed on their application. Tax returns (1040s) can only be submitted to verify self-employment income.

    • Families selected for verification must be sent Attachment F, We Must Check Your Application, a 2-page letter.

Attachment G, We Have Checked Your Application, is used to notify families of the results of verification.

  • When the verification process detects that a household’s benefits should be reduced or ended, the household must be given a 10-calendar day written notice. The first day of the 10 calendar day notice is the day the notice is sent.

  • Attachment H, Verification Collection Report is a paper copy to guide districts through the web-based verification report. All participating school food authorities, both schools and institutions must complete the web-based report.

Failure to meet the November 15 deadline will result in delayed claim payments.

  • Attachment H-1, Civil Rights Summary, is to be completed by all school districts and kept on file at the school.

  • Attachment H-2, Verification Tracker for School Use, is to be completed for each family selected for verification.

  • Households affected by adverse action may reapply for benefits any time during the school year. However, if benefits to a household have ended and the household reapplies in the same school year, the school district must verify all information on the new application before approval. 

The verification process in not optional. Administrative Reviews (ARs) conducted by Nutrition Services consultants include a review of verification records. If you have questions concerning verification, contact our office at (800) 731-2233.

Student Interactive Lookup System

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Direct Certification Video

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District Meetings Schedule

Fall District Meetings Schedule

The Nebraska School Nutrition Association (NSNA) cordially invites all school food service personnel to attend the Fall and Spring District Meeting in their area. This is an excellent opportunity to get together with other food service professionals, so mark your calendar now. If you need to locate your district click on view map to determine your district number.

Fall meeting dates not set yet.





Registration Time

District 1

Oct 8Crete High SchoolJodi Erickson8:00 – 8:30 a.m.

District 2

Oct 15Fremont Middle SchoolRown Lang8:15 – 8:45 a.m.

District 3

Sept 17Clear Creek Organic Farms, SpaldingMary Finnegan9:00 – 9:30 a.m.

District 4

Oct 8Shelton Public SchoolSue Bombeck8:00 – 8:30 a.m.

District 5

Oct 15Sutton Public SchoolKrystal Gonzales8:00 – 8:30 a.m.

District 6

Oct 8Paxton ConsolidatedRobin Peterson8:30 – 9:00 a.m. MT

District 8

Oct 8Paxton ConsolidatedRobin Peterson8:30 – 9:00 a.m. MT

Nebraska Local School Wellness Policy Workshop Training Resources

Forms & Resource Center

Nebraska Local School Wellness Policy Workshop Training Resources

Wellness Policy requirement: Implementation and mentoring plan

The Wellness Impact

Check Lists for School Wellness Committee

School Competitive Food Guidelines

Non-food Rewards in the Classroom


Healthy Classroom Celebrations

Recess before Lunch

Sample School Wellness Policies

Sample of Letters, Memos and Newsletter

Back to Local Wellness Policy Resources

School Meals Training Materials

NDE Nutrition Services Training Summer 2012

School Meals Training Materials for Download

Bookkeeper Training– Prepared by Mary Ann Brennan topics include: free and reduced price eligibility determination, verification, meal counting procedures, web-based reports, school wellness, and important dates.


If any participants require a sign language interpreter, alternate formats of print materials or wheelchair accessibility, please notify our office at least two weeks prior to the workshop date at (402) 471-2488 or (800) 731-2233.

Other Recordkeeping Requirements and Reports

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Approving Students for Benefits

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