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Kearney Public Schools

Kearney Public Schools received a $17,800 grant to serve one site:

Sunrise Middle School

Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln received a $30,000 grant to serve four sites:

Hartley Elemetary School
Lakeview Elementary School
Culler Middle School
Park Middle School

Chadron Public Schools

Chadron Public Schools received a $10,000 grant to serve one site:

Chadron Middle School

Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln

Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln logoPartnership for a Healthy Lincoln flyerWeCook

WeCook has been a tremendous success! Providing this curriculum to Elliott, Everett and Huntington CLC in Lincoln took quite a bit of legwork to get off the ground, but once we got into the swing of things the staff and students excelled in the areas of cooking, nutrition and physical activities. Families of the youth welcomed health and wellness advice and enjoyed sampling tasty treats straight from the mobile kitchens. We are thankful for UNL Extension 4-H for creating this opportunity and helping to seamlessly create this type of club for CLC youth and families. The waiting list for youth to join WeCook is evident that learning how to prepare foods and how to make those foods healthy is appealing to youth in the CLC program. It was especially apparent that the family engagement events brought intentional time to discuss healthy options and provide families with the means to practice these habits at home. Youth were also able to learn about careers in Culinary Arts and ask questions to several Hy-Vee Chefs.

Primary project partners include:

  • UNL Extension 4-H
  • Community Crops
  • CLC
  • LPS
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Family Service
  • YMCA
  • Elliott Elementary
  • Everett Elementary
  • Huntington Elementary
  • Hy-Vee (50th & O, 40th & Old Cheney)

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The WeCook program has an intentional focus on nutrition, education, physical activity, community and family engagement.

Police Athletics for Community Engagement – Omaha

Police Athletics for Community Engagement flyer

The Police Athletics for Community Engagement (PACE Omaha) 21st Century Community Learning Centers project was designed after our mission statement to promote police community relations. We were fortunate to have the Completely Kids organization, the Omaha Police, Marrs Middle School and Norris Middle School as our operations partners.  The PACE Omaha program incorporated the education component offered by Completely Kids and the athletics component two days a week per school offered by PACE to create a learning and physical fitness experience for the youth. PACE also incorporated lectures from 10 police officers and gang specialists as part of our 8 week curriculum each semester to reinforce our message of making positive life choices for self-betterment. We used our “Identity Project” theme to Image - Police Athletics for Community Engagementpromote positive relationships with other students, instructors and guest speakers.  This was capped-off by a sports field trip to Campos Memorial Soccer Complex via bus where students could display the talents they learned in a friendly soccer match between Marrs and Norris Schools. The youth were also treated to a celebratory meal after the event along with soccer uniforms and equipment supplied by the NDE grant and PACE Omaha.

Primary project partners include:

  • Completely Kids Organization, 2566 St. Mary’s Avenue, Omaha
  • Collective for Youth, 105 North 31st Avenue, Omaha
  • The Omaha Police Department, 505 South 15th Street, Omaha
  • Marrs Middle School 5619 South, 19th Street, Omaha
  • Norris Middle School 2235 South, 46th Street, Omaha

Image - Police Athletics for Community Engagement


O’Neill Public Schools

O'Neill PS flyerGrowing O’Neill

The O’Neill afterschool program utilized ELO grant funds to put in a garden and help purchase a greenhouse. We completed various projects throughout the winter months since we couldn’t be in the garden during this time. We had a volunteer come in and help us make butterfly houses for the garden where butterflies will make their cocoons. We incubated and hatched baby chicks and talked about eggs and their uses. We also have a worm farm which will eventually go into our outdoor garden and are learning about worm castings and how they help our vegetables grow.  We visited the O’Neill Health and Rehab Center each month and talked with residents about how they grew gardens during their childhood and even played vegetable bingo with them. Our greenhouse is almost finished and we have many plants to start growing over the winter. We will start tomatoes in our greenhouse and various other vegetables. The high school FFA students visited and taught us the life cycle of a plant and helped plant vegetables. The boy scouts and girl scouts will help us water and weed the garden. 

Image - O'Neill PS - Growing O'Neill

Primary project partners include:

  • Farm Bureau Foundation
  • Lions Club
  • Ministerial Association
  • FFA
  • FFA Boosters
  • Boy Scouts
  • Girl Scouts
  • Holt County Extension Office
  • J & H Greenhouse
  • Shamrock Nursery
  • O’Neill Health and Rehab Center
  • Evergreen Assisted Living
  • North Park Homes
  • Mobile Food Pantry
  • Lunch Time Solutions
  • Upper Elkhorn Natural Resources
  • Ladies Auxiliary of Fraternal Order of Eagles

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Developing Eagles on Facebook

Developing Eagles Video



North Platte Public Schools

North Platte Public Schools received a $30,000 grant to serve four sites:

Buffalo Elementary School
Jefferson Elementary School
Lincoln Elementary School
Washington Elementary School

Kearney Public Schools

Kearney PS 4-H Afterschool Club flyer4-H Afterschool Club

Kearney Community Learning Center (KCLC) and Nebraska 4-H Youth Development in Buffalo County partnered to provide forty-five 4th through 8th graders the opportunity to participate in a weekly 4-H afterschool club. Youth met with 4-H volunteers that engaged youth in woodworking, cooking, leadership, pet care, outdoor skills, and filmmaking. Volunteers who participated in the programming reported either strongly agreeing or agreeing that there is a substantial value for 4-H youth development to provide programming in afterschool and that they helped build healthy relationships with the youth in their clubs.

Image - Kearney PS grantPrimary project partners include:

  • Kearney Community Learning Center
  • Nebraska 4-H Youth Development in Buffalo County

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4-H Afterschool – Nebraska (video)

4-H Afterschool – Kearney, NE (video)

Image - Kearney PS grant


Lincoln Community Learning Centers/Lincoln Community Foundation

Lincoln CLC logo

Lincoln CLC/Lincoln Community Foundation BeLeaderly flyer


Lincoln BeLeaderly provided students in two middle schools and one high school the opportunity to gain leadership capacity through participation in bi-weekly clubs which supported their leadership skill development.  The opportunity also introduced students to community service and civic engagement opportunities. Quarterly capstone events also provided students the opportunity to plan and connect resources to share with each participating site. This served to enhance their planning, communication, collaboration and delivery skills. 

Image - Lincoln CLC/Lincoln Community Foundation grantPrimary project partners include:

  • Launch Leadership
  • Lincoln Parks and Recreation
  • Nebraskans for Civic Reform
  • North Pointe Community Church
  • Lincoln Public Schools

Image - Lincoln CLC/Lincoln Community Foundation grant





Crete Public Schools

Crete Aquaponics System flyerCrete CLC logoCrete Aquaponics System

The goal of the Crete ELO grant was to create a sustainable living program by renovating the school-owned greenhouse. The students are continuing to explore career opportunities, agriculture/gardening through an aquaponics system, and healthy eating. Although the ELO funding is only available for one year, we have been able to secure the support from our partners for at least five years. Our students are learning about growing cycles, plant nutrients, and gardening techniques by participating in fun activities that allow them to be active learners. Now that our students have a basic understanding of how the system works, they are slowly becoming responsible for the daily maintenance and operation of the greenhouse. We are starting to harvest the plants that they grew and they are learning how to incorporate those ingredients into their cooking.

Image - Crete PS grantImage - Crete PS grant

Primary project partners include:

  • Bungee Milling
  • Crete Area Medical Center
  • Crete Public Schools
  • Doane University
  • Grow with the Flow
  • Saline County Extension

Image - Crete PS grant