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Searching by exact title or phrase

Struggling to find a page by its title?  Try searching with quotes (“) around the title to find that exact phrase.

Copying and Pasting in the editor window

Use these commands to copy and paste content into your Content Area:  


Creating non-clickable menu placeholders

Lets say you want to create a grouping of menu items, but don’t want the parent to be clickable (a placeholder to indicate what the following nested items will be).  For example:

In this example, School Health Index, Youth Surveys, and Data & Statistics are there as placeholders, but cannot be clicked.  To achieve this same thing in your menu, do the following:

  1. Log in to your site account.
  2. In the left-hand (black) Admin Menu area, mouse over Appearance, and then select Menus
  3. If necessary, use the drop-down to choose the menu you want
  4. Expand Custom Links and use a # for the URL, and whatever text you want for the placeholder:
  5. Click on Add to Menu
  6. Drag it into the proper place and add/move items under it so they are slightly indented:
  7. Click on Save Menu, and you are finished!