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Deb Bulin

Deb Bulin is a math teacher at Thayer Central Community Schools in Hebron. She teaches Algebra, Geometry, College Algebra, Math Topics and Computer Coding. When she is not in the classroom, she enjoys spending time with her family and attending events of her students. Before the STEM Fellows experience, she thought that STEM, was mostly activities and projects that related Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with a little Art thrown in. After the STEM Fellows experience, she realized that STEM is so much more. It doesn’t have to be just those areas – it can include all subject areas. It can be just two subjects or multiple subjects. It can be done with a group of teachers or a single teacher that is bringing other content into their own classroom. There are no set plans so it allows teachers to be creative and design really cool projects. Deb is a part of a new project with ESU’s 4, 5 and 6 that includes science and math teachers at all grade levels along with NDE Math and Science experts to create a PLC. The project is working on performance tasks and formative assessments. She thinks this could help with some STEM projects. Deb is also a TEAMS leader for a new UNL project. She is hoping that this too will involve creating some projects that can be used by teachers across the state. She is excited to be part of these wonderful opportunities. Deb also hopes to get more teachers in her school on board with STEM activities. Her main selling point is that we can just tweak what we are already doing and support each other. We do not need to re-invent the wheel!

Updated October 16, 2018 9:46am