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Cynthia Stogdill

“Every student, everyday, future ready” is a motto of Cynthia’s. Her goal is to provide something to prepare her students for whatever their future holds every time she interacts with them. She loves to shake things up, sometimes less gently than others. As a school librarian at Fremont Public Schools, she spends her days in the middle of learning in grades five through eight. Cynthia loves the many hats she wears and was excited to add the NDE STEM Approach to her bag of tools. She loves guiding students and teachers in technology integration, digital citizenship, research, and the lifelong love of reading. She has worked this school year to add the NDE STEM concepts to the areas she teaches, and has shared the NDE STEM Approach with the faculty teams in her two busy buildings. She was extremely excited to see several teams integrate STEM concepts into their individual team activities after learning about the STEM Approach.

Cynthia’s takeaway from the Summer Experience was a realization that STEM concepts are already prevalent in many areas of education, but often it takes someone to put the pieces and players together to create an amazing and powerful cross-curricular learning experience for all students. She is looking forward to inspiring others to lead students toward new opportunities by changing their school experiences, as well as creating a wide community of learning.

Cynthia is a UNO adjunct instructor, conference presenter, and Twitter chat co-founder. She loves using the power of social media to share the great things educators do everyday for students.

Updated October 17, 2018 8:06am