MEP Bulletin July 31, 2020

 SAVE the DATE!!! 

Save The Date!

US Dept of Education
Office of Migrant Education

Save the Date: MEP Re-interviewing and Identification and Recruitment (ID&R) Strategies Webinar

Please save the date for a webinar hosted by OME on Thursday, August 27, 2020 from 1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. EDT.

The objectives of this webinar are: 1) To improve understanding among MEP State Directors and other MEP staff of the basic requirements for annual prospective re-interviews and other ID&R quality control measures; 2) To expand awareness of existing flexibilities for conducting re-interviews, ID&R outreach, and eligibility interviews during the coronavirus pandemic; and 3) To facilitate a discussion among MEP practitioners regarding effective ID&R strategies in the current environment.  Instructions for accessing the webinar will be provided in a subsequent listserv message and will be posted on the RESULTS website.

 Did You Know This About MSIX?

Did You Know

…you can directly request missing information from other districts and States for a student who moved to your State? Let’s say a child arrives in your area but their enrollment in MSIX is missing the Withdrawal Date or you cannot find Grade-to-Date or Clock Hours even though the child left in the middle of the semester. You can initiate an MSIX Data Request from the student’s record to alert the sending States/Districts to submit this information or any other new information to MSIX!

According to MSIX regulations, a State must acknowledge a Data Request within 4 working days and provide the information as soon as possible. The request is escalated to the next level (i.e. from the district to the regional or the regional to the State) if it is not acknowledged within 2 working days.

 To view the Data Requests you have sent and received, navigate to the Worklists page within MSIX. You can respond to requests from other users using the Correspondence thread and reassign requests to the appropriate personnel when necessary. See  below to find out which user roles can perform actions with Data Requests:

State, Regional, & District Data Administrators: Initiate, Reply, Resolve & Reassign a Data Request
Primary & Secondary Users : Initiate & Reply to a Data Request

If you have any questions, please contact the MSIX Help Desk via email at: or telephone at: 1-866-878-9525. Help Desk hours are: 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, except Federal Holidays.

 Sent by:  Roger Rosenthal, NASDME Executive Consultant

The Trump Administration’s Department of Homeland Security issued a new DACA memo.

In it, the Department stated that it is continuing to refuse to open up the program for new applicants.  It also stated that it would review applicants for renewal of DACA status.  but would examine those applications on a case by case basis and would only grant one year, not two year, extensions for those applicants it approved for renewal.  This change to the program is effective immediately for all applications it is reviewing from the date of the memo.

The Department stated that it was engaging in a full review of the program and what it will do with the program.  The memo also stated that the Department continued to view the DACA program as illegal.

Without a doubt, there will be litigation regarding these developments.  Most likely, the Maryland federal court that was considering holding the Department in contempt of court will act quickly, as may other courts.

We will report  immediately on court action regarding the Department’s implementation of the memo.  While implementation of what is in the memo appears to be in conflict with what courts have ordered, the memo is in effect until it might be enjoined by a federal court.

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