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Mass Recruitment Article provided by Ita Mendoza, State ID&R Coordinator

“On July 23, 2020, five recruiters from four different projects gathered at the ESU 9 to execute the Migrant Education Program’s first-ever “virtual mass recruitment activity” for the Lexington project. Lexington’s eminent referral system provided 88 individual referrals. Recruiters contacted a total of 64 families and were able to enroll 27 new students in the Nebraska MEP program.

During the activity, the group followed a COVID-19 safety protocol.  The mass recruitment also served as a way of providing training for one of the newest recruiters. The state MEP would like to give a big shout out to the recruiters, Isaura Barreto, Lilia Coronado, Melissa Daughtery, Suyapa Gonzalez, and Aida Olivas and their projects for their outstanding participation in this activity!  Also, a heartfelt thank you goes to the Lexington Project for their fruitful referral system, for their assistance and availability throughout the recruitment activity, and especially for their grace and flexibility during difficult times. Special thank you to Danielle Waite and her daughter Layla for lunch, as a pay-it-forward act of kindness in memory of former co-worker Debbie Adams from ESU7. In attendance, state director, Sue Henry, and state data coordinator, Danielle Waite. Organizers of the event, quality control coordinator, Veronica Estevez, and state ID&R coordinator Ita Mendoza.”

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