Poverty and Limited English

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The Nebraska Legislature enacted two laws, LB 79-1013 and LB 79-1014 as guidelines for Poverty and Limited English Proficient Plans. This web site will offer guidance, support and resources for successful completion of these plans.

Poverty/LEP Plan Questions for Financial, Submission, Approval and Accessing:

  • Allowance Expenditure Requirements or State Aid Certification. Go to Finance and Organizational Services and scroll down to “FOS Programs.” 
  • Questions/anwers on plan purpose, plan submission and accessing plans can be found in the resource guide listed below on pages 29-31.
  • Assistance in completing or additional questions, refer to the Resource Guide.

Updated Information

LEP and Poverty Plans for 2016-17 school year: Due October 15

  • Contact Tom Goeschel with questions at 402 471-3570 or tom.goeschel@nebraska.gov
  • Updated Resource Guide 2016

ELL Program by AQuESTT Tenent

McREL Central Nebraska Poverty Plan Report October 7, 2010 (pdf)
McREL Central Nebraska LEP Review March 4, 2011 (pdf)