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Innovation Grant

Expanded Learning Opportunities Design Challenge -$893,565
Nebraska’s Expanded Learning Opportunity (ELO) Design Challenge is a partnership designed to provide a statewide coalition of districts, community partners and key education and community stakeholders with opportunities to design and test new models of ELO curriculum that support Nebraska Career Readiness Standards. 

Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council (ESUCC) – $1,640,839
The Data-driven Ecosystem Enhancing Teaching and Improving Learning for Students (DE2TAILS) project will enable the ESUCC to incorporate multiple online educational and data-collection systems into one statewide, secure, single sign-on portal. The goal is develop, implement, and sustain an integrated ecosystem to allow relevant teaching and learning applications and tools to integrate                                       sharing data elements for the improvement  of student learning and reporting. 

Plattsmouth Community School District – $107,089
Plattsmouth High Schools  (PHS) will use the Wall-to-Wall Career and College Readiness project to refine its wall-to-wall academy program into a model for Nebraska’s schools. the PSH model is based on student interests, learning preference, and career goals and involves extensive partnerships with community businesses and educational programs. 

Scottsbluff Public School District – $ 827,913
Scottsbluff Public Schools’ Wall-to-Wall Career Academy model will include six career academies, As students progress through middle school and their freshman and sophomore years, they will be provided with instruction and experiences that will help them determine areas that interest them. Then, as juniors and seniors, they will select and refine their focus in Foundational Academies. 

Westside Community Schools (WCS) – $896,993
The Personalized 21st Century Learning Initiative will use instruction tailored to meet each individual students’ needs, skills, knowledge, and learning interests, The project includes an overarching goal of promoting the academic performance of all WCS students through personalized learning opportunities with particular emphasis on those experiences which leverage technology. 





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