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SpecialCare was brought to Nebraska through a coordinated effort of the Nebraska Department of Education and Health and Human Services. The goal is to train child care providers across the state.

What is SpecialCare?
This training curriculum was developed by Child Development Resources in Norge, Virginia through a federally funded project. It focuses on including children with disabilities in child care settings.

What is the content?
Understanding inclusion and children with disabilities
Building relationships with families
How to include young children with disabilities in daily activities
Community services for young children with disabilities
Develop a sensitivity to individuals with disabilities

How is the training delivered?
The training is 7 hours in length, this can be as a one day training, or divided into sessions. The training includes parent testimony, local community resource information, and interactive activities that develop a sensitivity to individuals with disabilities.

What have participants said about SpecialCare?
“I learned new words and terms I didn’t know.”

“My attitudes changed about providing care for children with disabilities where before I didn’t think I could.”

“I think what I’ll remember most was what I need to do in order to make my center appropriate for a disabled child.”

“My attitudes changed about my ability to care for disabled children.”

How can we bring SpecialCare to our community?

To arrange for training contact the Early Childhood Training Center at, 402-557-6880, or 1-800-89-CHILD.

Updated March 23, 2021 2:11pm