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Read for Joy Workshops

Read for Joy workshops are sponsored by the Nebraska Department of Education.

The Awareness Workshop (2 hours)

Audience: Parents and/or personnel from schools, local libraries, early childhood/parent education programs, and other adults involved in children’s literacy learning.

Prerequisite: None

Description: This workshop assists participants in understanding how children learn language and literacy from birth, and specific strategies that teachers and parents can use to support that learning. Participants will learn about:

  • How the child’s brain develops
  • Seven conditions which lead to engaged learning
  • Characteristics of home and school environments that support literacy development
  • What to look for in quality literature

In addition, participants will receive a copy of the Read for Joy booklet in either English or Spanish and an annotated bibliography of media center early literacy resources available from the Early Childhood Training Center.

View/Print the Read for Joy brochure.

For further information, please contact the Early Childhood Training Center at, 402-557-6880, or 1-800-89-CHILD.

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