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Inclusive Care/Natural Environments

Inclusive Practices

This page is a source of information on early childhood inclusion. Listed on this page, you will find a collection of pages from the Office of Early Childhood’s website as well as other external links.

Information found on the Office of Early Childhood Web pages

Business Practices
This annotated bibliography on business practices includes sources of information for child care providers who care for children with special needs.

Child Care and Early Childhood Education Management Training Program

The purpose of the Management Training Program is to increase the knowledge and abilities of child care and early childhood education program administrators. The 12 training modules reflect developmentally appropriate and family centered practices and, to the maximum extent possible, the inclusion of children with special needs, and cultural, racial, and linguistic diversity.

Children with Special Needs
This annotated bibliography is a collection of the best titles in the Early Childhood Training Center’s media center on the topic of children with special needs. A variety of subjects is covered, from specific disabilities, to general information, child care, and inclusion.

Cultural Diversity
The cultural diversity bibliography includes information on other cultures, but also includes information on poverty and disability issues.

Nebraska’s Core Competencies for Early Childhood Professionals
Core knowledge and core competencies are what all adults who work with children need to know, understand, and be able to do to support children’s development and school readiness. They provide a broad categorization of knowledge and skills that apply across all roles in the early care and education field.

NECTAC Database of Inclusion Resources
The National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (NECTAC) has developed a searchable online database of resources derived from over 180 presentations from the 2006-2010 national Inclusion Institutes. You can search by year, presenter name, or topic to find Power Point presentations and handouts. This should be a useful resource for faculty members, professional development providers, and others who want to share relevant and current information related to the inclusion of young children with disabilities and their families.

Results Matter
Results Matter in Nebraska is responsive to the federal mandate of the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) Part C (birth to age three) and Part B, 619 (three to five year olds), as well as the state requirements of Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) Rule 11, Regulations for Early Childhood Programs.

External sites of interest to support inclusive classroom practices

Autism Internet Modules Project
A series of 60 training modules are being developed that can be accessed by digital telephone or computer.

Circle of Inclusion
The Circle of Inclusion Web site is for early childhood service providers and families of young children. This web site offers demonstrations of and information about the effective practices of inclusive educational programs for children from birth through age eight.

Early Childhood Family Support: Special Education Law and Young Children with Disabilities
This BlogSpot provides descriptive information about natural environments, the natural environments mandate, and choosing between home and inclusive care settings.

Early Childhood Inclusion: A Joint Position Statement

The Division for Early Childhood’s Council for Exceptional Children and the National Association for the Education of Young Children have collaborated on a position statement on early childhood Inclusion.

Frank Porter Graham National Professional Development Center on Inclusion
The National Professional Development Center on Inclusion (NPDCI) is working with states to ensure that early childhood teachers are prepared to educate and care for young children with disabilities in settings with their typically developing peers.

Keys to Natural Environments and Inclusion
NECTAC supports the implementation of the early childhood provisions of the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). Its mission is to strengthen service systems to ensure that children with disabilities, birth through five, and their families receive and benefit from high quality, culturally appropriate, and family-centered supports and services.

NECTAC, the National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center, serves to strengthen service systems to ensure that children with disabilities (birth through 5 years) and their families receive and benefit from high quality, culturally appropriate and family-centered supports, and services. Visit this organization’s page on natural environments and inclusion.


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