Early Childhood Nutrition Education Chart

Power Panther Preschool Implementation Manual

Eight child care lessons that encourage fruit and vegetable consumption and increased physical activity.

Healthy Snacks and Physical Activities for Early Childhood Program

Healthy snack ideas, fun physical activities, and suggested books to incorporate into lessons in the early childhood setting.

More Than Mud Pies

The nutrition on education curriculum provides both staff and children with enjoyable activities that encourage positive ideas about nutrition and foods.  The 54 lessons are built around the seasons of the year.  Children will use these age-appropriate activities to learn about growth, nutrition and preparation of foods.

Preschooler MyPlate Mini-Poster

An at-a-glance guide to healthy eating for preschoolers.

MODEL Health! Promoting Nutrition and Physical Activity in Children

Lessons for early childhood educators on nutrition and physical activity, with an emphasis on role modeling.

Color Me Healthy: Preschoolers Moving and Eating Healthy

Healthy eating and exercise program for 4 and 5-year-olds in the preschool classroom. The curriculum includes recipes, songs, and parent newsletters.

Discover MyPlate: Nutrition Education for Kindergarten

Discover MyPlate is fun and inquiry-based nutrition education that fosters the development of healthy food choices and physically active lifestyles during a critical developmental and learning period for children.

Nutrition Education Program: NEP School Enrichment Kits

Due to special grant funding, this FREE program is only available to elementary schools where 50% or more of the students participate in the free and reduced-price school lunch program.

 Create a Classroom That Moves! 

Classroom-based physical activities are instructional tools teachers can use to improve mood, energy levels, and facilitate student learning. Activity can be introduced into existing routines and transitions, into academic lessons, or introduced as a ‘brain break.’ This kit consists of three core classroom tools: Grade-level nutrition lessons; Physical activity breaks; My Classroom Physical Activity Pyramid.

Michigan Team Nutrition Booklet

An annotated list of over 400 books with positive food, nutrition and physical activity messages for children in grades K-2.

Nutrition Education of Texas

Multidisciplinary nutrition lesson plans for grades pre-Kindergarten through High School that align with Texas education standards.

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