CACFP Online Modules

Nebraska Team Nutrition is providing additional free training for CACFP centers and day care homes to support them in providing healthy, balanced meals and snacks to the children and adults they serve. Training can be completed on your own time and include a training video and printable resources and links.

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Topics include:

Whole Grains

  • Providers will learn about the difference between whole grains and refined grains and learn about the benefits of serving more whole grain and whole grain-rich items to the children.

Fruits and Vegetables

  • opping with the season, and ideas for encouraging children to make half of their plate fruits and vegetables. The module will detail the benefits of a diet rich in produce and all of the nutrients provided by these items. Image: Fruits&Vegetables

   Serving Milk

  • This module reviews the fluid milk requirements for different age groups and discusses the use of creditable substitutions in the CACFP meal pattern. Image: Serving Milk

   Meat and Meat Alternates

  • In the new CACFP guidelines many meat alternates are now creditable meal components. Providers will lean about the benefits of adding these diverse and low cost options into their menus and the important of consuming lean protein items. Image: Meat&MeatAlternates

   Reading Food Labels

  • There are many different labels on food packages. This module reviews common food labels on the front, back, and side of packaged foods and describes how to locate key nutrient information. Providers will learn about what information is required on a food label and discuss the updates to the nutrition facts label. Image: NutritionLabels

   Feeding Infants

  • Infant age groups have simplified and there are new recommendations for infant age groups. Providers will learn about the benefits of breastfeeding and receiving reimbursement for women that breastfeed at your facility or provide expressed breast milk for their infant. This module also addresses developmental readiness for introducing solid foods. Image: Infant MealPattern

Additional Information

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