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FFVP Program Update

In addition to the training videos below, we want to share the following information with you:

Adults at a school, including those attending school functions cannot participate in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP). However, teachers can play a valuable role in modeling fruit and vegetable consumption. Teachers may participate in the FFVP under the following conditions:

  • Only teachers who are directly responsible for serving the fruit and/or vegetable to their students in a classroom setting may partake of the fruit and/or vegetable.
  • The program is not available to the general teacher population and other adults in the school.
  • Teachers choosing to participate with their students are strongly encouraged to include a nutrition education activity to enhance their positive role modeling.
  • No additional FFVP funds will be provided. Schools must stay within their per student allocation.

The goal of the FFVP is to serve a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Foods that cannot be served are listed in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Handbook for Schools (December 2010) on pages 15-16. In addition, herbs, seaweed, lemon grass, coconuts and coca or vanilla beans cannot be served.

Only low-fat or fat-free dips can be served with vegetables; hummus cannot be served. When submitting a claim for reimbursement, you must specify if it is a low-fat or fat-free product. For example: Fat-Free Ranch Dressing. No dip can be served with fruit.

FFVP Administrative Funds can be used to purchase large equipment such as a delivery cart or refrigerator. If large equipment is purchased, written justification must be provided to support the purchase. The justification must include the following:

  1. explain the need for the additional equipment
  2. why the current equipment is not sufficient for the program
  3. how many times the FFVP will be offered each week
  4. the frequency of deliveries and any other supporting information

If other school feeding programs will be using the equipment, then the cost must be prorated among all programs using the equipment. The district’s written justification for large equipment must be included on the claim when requesting reimbursement for the equipment. The justification is to be submitted on the first page of the claim, under Claim Comments, #5 – SFA Comments. Any FFVP purchase made prior to July 1 will not be reimbursed.

FFVP Video Training

The videos provide the training needed to participate in FFVP. For monitoring purposes we request that you register online for the training below.

Register now on the CNP Website. Please enter your user agreement number for your district and then select Program Category SNP School Nutrition Program. Next select NSLP004-FFVP Training. Please complete the Attendee Information and print the Registration Results and Confirmation Number for your records. You may view the presentation as your schedule allows.

To view the power point presentation open the Microsoft Power Point (.ppt) file and begin the power point slide show. When the power point is in slide show mode you should be able to hear the narrative that goes with the slides.

If you have problems viewing or hearing the .ppt file, please try viewing the streaming video files or the download video files. These are in Quick Time Movie format, and they will stream directly to your computer. Most Macintosh computers already have Quick Time capability, and many Windows computers do. If your computer does not have Quick Time capability, you may download the free Quick Time Player at:

The complete presentation has 8 Modules for you and your FFVP team members to view.



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