Times of operation

After School Snacks

Times of Operation

Snacks cannot be reimbursed in programs operated before or during the child’s school day. Schools and RCCIs are not eligible to receive reimbursement for snacks served on weekends or holidays, including vacation periods. Sites located in areas served by a school or in a RCCI would follow the public school’s calendar.

A child’s eligibility is based on when their scheduled school day ends, and not on whether or not the school continues in session. For example, if a kindergarten program ends at noon but the children remain in school under a care program as described above, snacks served to these children may be reimbursed under this provision. The same would be true of older children enrolled in schools that have split sessions. If children remain on-site to participate in an approved after school care program, they may receive reimbursable snacks even though the school continues to operate later into the afternoon.

Updated August 22, 2017 7:10pm