Record keeping requirements

After School Snacks

Record Keeping

At a minimum, school districts and RCCIs participating under this provision must maintain the following records.

  • If all meals will be claimed free, the program site must be located in an area served by a school or RCCI in which at least 50 percent of the enrolled students are eligible for free and reduced price meals as indicated on the most recent Annual Membership Report.

  • For all other sites, documentation of free and reduced price eligibility for children whom free and reduced price snacks are claimed must be maintained.

  • Meal counts
    Snacks claimed as Free based on Area Eligibility
    Total count of snacks served daily for each site qualifying for free reimbursement for all children.
    Snacks claimed as Free/Reduced/Paid based on Non-Area Eligibility
    Daily snack count by individual student name. Download Monthly Snack Participation for Snacks Claimed as Free/Reduced/Paid.

  • Documentation of individual children’s attendance on a daily basis.

  • Completed Daily Production Records to document compliance with meal pattern requirements. Download Form

  • On-Site Review for After School Care Snack Programs (2 required annually).
    Download On-Site Review for After School Care Snack Program.
Updated August 22, 2017 7:10pm