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Nibbles for Health

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Nibbles For Health

Nibbles for Health was developed for child care center staff and parents of young children enrolled in child care centers. This kit offers child care center staff guidance on conducting discussions with parents in three “sharing sessions” and accompanying posters. Also contained in the kit are 41 reproducible newsletters that staff can provide to parents to address many of the challenges they face.




Introduction, Sharing Sessions and Posters
Sharing Session 1
“READ IT before you EAT IT!” poster
Sharing Session 2
“Move It!” poster
Sharing Session 3
“What size is your serving?” poster

Healthful Eating for Your Family
Food Guide Pyramid for Your Young Child
How Much is Enough?
Healthful Eating…Food Labels Help!
Child Care, What Will My Child Eat?
Why Breakfast?
For Growing Bones…Which Milk?
Enjoying the Family Meal
Healthful Choices for Vegetarian Families
Family Food Shopping: Spend Less, Get More
Family Meals – Fast, Healthful!
Let’s Eat Out! Healthful Fast Foods
Let’s Eat Out! Making Meals Pleasant
Handling a “Choosy” Eater
Together…Let’s Try New Foods!
Teaching Good Food Habits
Trying, Sharing, Enjoying Different Foods
Is My Child’s Appetite Normal?
Watching My Child Grow!
Juice or Fruit Drinks?
Easy Weekend Lunch Ideas
Why Snacks?
Fats in Foods: How Much for Kids?
Iron in Foods: Does My Child Get Enough?
Keeping Your Child’s Healthy Smile!
Feeding Another Baby Sister or Brother
Food Allergies, Or Just Food Fussiness?
Milk for Kids With Lactose Intolerance
Does My Child Have a Weight Problem?
Supplements…Do Kids Need Them?
The ABC’s of Hand Washing
Let’s Cook Together
Fight BAC! Keep Family Food Safe
Grow a Family Garden!
Pack a Family Picnic!
Active Living for Families
Child’s Play!
Let’s Move…Cold Weather Fun!
Let’s Move…Warm Weather Fun!
Getting Nutrition Advice For Your Family
Pyramid Servings: How Much? How Many?

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