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Nebraska Farm to School Month

October is National Farm to School Month!

The Crunch Off event is now complete and registration closed. Stay tuned for the announcement on the winning state from the Mountain Plains Crunch Off Competition, held in October 2019 to celebrate National Farm to School Month!

Nebraska participated in the multi-state CRUNCH OFF with Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming. The state with the most “CRUNCHES” per capita by biting into local, crunchy fruits and vegetables, will win the 2019 Crunch Off Competition. Students, teachers, farmers, parents, community members and local food enthusiasts celebrated farm to school month and the seasonally available produce offered in Nebraska.


Where to find LOCAL apples or crunch-worthy produce

Check out our ideas for finding local on the NDE Farm to School Resources page

Crunch Off with Nebraska Thursdays or Nebraska Harvest of the Month!

  • Celebrate Nebraska Thursdays on October 24th and add your local Crunch Off product into your menu!
  • Apply for a Nebraska Thursdays mini-grant by August 30th and use the funds to promote your Crunch Off event in tandem with Nebraska Thursdays!
  • Crunch with Harvest of the Month! Try a local salad turnip or a crunchy cabbage coleslaw. Build momentum for your Crunch Off event by sending home a Harvest of the Month newsletter available on the Harvest of the Month webpage.
  • Register for Nebraska Thursdays and visit our recipe portal for a hummus recipe (uses local dry beans!) that you can dip Crunch items into.
  • Download the Harvest of the Month Taste Test Guide for tips on sampling your Crunch Off item prior to the big day.
  • See what’s in season in Nebraska, and crunch-able, with our handy guide!
  • Check out the resources available at National Farm to School Network.

CRUNCH Into Local Produce









Try these delicious dips with your crunchable foods! Find more ideas in our Nebraska Thursdays recipe portal.

NDE Nutrition Services was challenged by the Center for Rural Affairs to participate in the 2016 Midwest Great Apple Crunch. We now encourage all NSLP and CACFP sponsors to participate in this Farm to School Month event! Visit the Center for Rural Affairs website to register for this event: #NDE_F2S #NDE_CACFP #NDE_NSLP #farmtoschool

Posted by Nebraska Department of Education Nutrition Services on Thursday, October 6, 2016
Updated November 12, 2019 8:15am