Tips for documenting a nonprofit food service operation

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Tips for documenting a nonprofit food service operation

  • Keep all of your receipts and invoices showing expenses for CACFP food and supplies.

  • Separate your receipts and invoices into monthly folders or envelopes. Keeping a chronological file of invoices from food vendors is also acceptable.

  • Keep your personal purchases separate from CACFP purchases.

  • Keep track of salaries paid to all staff with CACFP duties.

  • Assure that staff whose time is partially allocated to CACFP duties are documenting their time. Click here for a sample time certification worksheet you may use.

  • Time spent on menu planning, grocery shopping and putting away groceries or commodities is allowable for time certification.

  • Remember that every CACFP expense must be documented with a receipt, invoice or time certification worksheet.

Updated August 22, 2017 7:10pm