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More unannounced visits are being made

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More unannounced visits are being made

The Nutrition Services staff has been doing more drop-in visits at centers in recent months and plans to do more. Sometimes we are dropping by your center because we have received a complaint from a parent or a referral from the Health and Human Services System to follow-up on a food-related issue. Sometimes we are just making sure that you are complying with program regulations. We are there to “catch you” doing things RIGHT!

Just because we show up unannounced, don’t assume it’s because we are investigating a complaint. We are incorporating more unannounced visits into our schedule as part of our efforts with the national CACFP Integrity Initiative. On occasion, these drop-in visits have turned into impromptu training and technical assistance sessions. So, if you have questions about any area of your program operation, please feel free to discuss them with our staff when we are at your center.

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Updated May 9, 2018 8:17am