Fun with food

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Fun with food

Here are some easy activities to help teach children about different kinds of food.

Take a small group of children grocery shopping with you. Have them choose one new vegetable to try. See how many vegetables the children can name. Talk about the different shapes of the vegetables and the many different sizes. There are tiny red cranberries and huge green watermelons. There are long zucchini and short, round potatoes.

Play store with cans of fruit. Help the children to learn the name of each fruit.

Have a tasting party to encourage the children to try new and unusual fruits or vegetables.

Compare the insides of fruits and vegetables. Some are layered like artichokes, onions, cabbage and brussels sprouts. Some have small seeds, like tomatoes and green peppers; some have large seeds or pits, like peaches, nectarines and cherries. Some are juicy, like strawberries, oranges and melons. See how many different ways you can compare fruits and vegetables.

Help the children make a scrapbook by cutting vegetable pictures from a seed catalog. 

Updated August 22, 2017 7:09pm