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Apple Adventures

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Apple adventures

Taste Test:

Purchase as many kinds of apples as your budget allows. Put them out in a big bowl early in the day so the children can see them and get excited about the afternoon “Apple Adventure.”

Allow them to feel the shiny skin, to wash and polish them, compare colors and smells and choose the one each thinks will taste the best to them.

Have several staff help the children remove peels, forming long curls. Let them sample the skin; ask them what they notice about it and talk it over. A child might say something to suggest discussion about the fiber it providers, or how apple juice is made, or how many there are, etc.

As the children tire of exploring, move on to tasting. A plastic knife or wheel-shaped apple slicer/corer will allow the children to help produce samples of each variety. Children can try them with and without the skin and see how much flavor is right next to the skin (as is most of the vitamins).

Provide vanilla yogurt with a sprinkling of cinnamon and some barely warm peanut butter for dipping. Now you have a creditable snack with fruit and meat components. Add some water for drinking and for washing up afterwards.

Updated May 9, 2018 8:17am