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Fingerprinting Requirement

Any person applying for the first issuance of a Nebraska certificate/permit who has not been a resident* of Nebraska for the immediate past five (5) years from the date of application must have fingerprints by Livescan OR Ink Rolled (2 cards) by law enforcement. The fingerprint requirement applies even if you have recently submitted fingerprint information in any other state.  Fingerprinting is NOT available at the Nebraska Department of Education.

*Residence as defined by the Nebraska Supreme Court, is an individual who has established a home in Nebraska where the individual is habitually present and to which having departed therefrom, intends to return. If you meet this definition of “Residence” complete the Record of Residence Form page of the addresses where you are/were physically present in Nebraska the immediate past five (5) years).

Conditional Permit

It is not unusual for the fingerprinting process to take several weeks. A Conditional Permit may be issued when an applicant for any Nebraska certificate/permit has met ALL the requirements for that certificate/permit, except for the receipt of the fingerprint record (criminal background check). This permit allows the applicant to teach or administer until the fingerprint report is received. If there is no criminal history background, the actual certificate/permit will then be issued with no further action.


  1. Submit and pay for your application and fingerprint fee online at
  2. Have your fingerprints completed by LiveScan or ink rolled and send to our office.
    1. Ink Rolled Prints
      1.  After submitting your application and paying fees online,  send a request to for a fingerprint packet.
    2. LiveScan Prints
      1. Nebraska State Patrol will fingerprint citizens as a public service at no additional charge.  Other agencies may require additional fees beyond those paid online with the Nebraska Department of Education.  Appointments are required for all agencies.
        LiveScan Agency Contact List for Nebraska


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