K-3 Remote Learning

In response to COVID-19, the education field has produced a growing body of useful resources to support continued learning for all students. Remote K-3 learning and instruction offer their own particular benefits and challenges at any time—here are suggestions to enhance learning. This page is updated regularly.

2020-21 Nebraska Essential Instructional Content for ELA

Based on research and the progression of the disciplines, the 2020–21 Essential Instructional Content names the priorities in ELA/literacy (K–12) that should be the focus of instruction for educators in the 2020–21 academic year. This document provides guidance for the field about content priorities by leveraging the structure and emphases of college- and career-ready ELA/literacy standards. It is intended to help publishers, other designers of instructional materials, and instructional leaders find new efficiencies in the curriculum that are critical for the unique challenges that have resulted from school closures and anticipated disruptions in the year ahead, keeping at the forefront principles of equitable instruction that support all students.

Visit NDE E-learning Days

NDE provides an online repository designed to support schools in the continuity of learning that includes digital resources, virtual collaboration tools, and guidance for developing remote instructional models.

Visit UFLI Virtual Teaching Resources Hub

The UFLI Virtual Teaching Resources Hub has developed a site to provide FREE resources to assist teachers as they explore new ways of teaching foundational skills using technology. This site includes many tools for virtual reading instruction and intervention. Timesaving templates such as Elkonin boxes, alphabet word work mats, say it move it, and many more are included at this hub. Videos of remote small group foundational skills instruction where teachers are seamlessly integrating routines and procedures and using formative assessment and specific and immediate feedback can also be found.

Visit TN Foundational Skills Curriculum Supplement

TN Foundational Skills Curriculum Supplement is an open-source resource that is free and available to anyone. The resources and materials are adaptable to remote/hybrid instruction and are family friendly. This supplemental resource follows evidenced-based research and was carefully crafted in order to build a solid foundation for preK through grade two early literacy. This supplement uses a systematic and explicit approach to instruction so that all students can gain the foundational skills necessary to become proficient readers.

Visit the Blog

The authors of this blog have developed three tenets to guide you as you navigate remote reading instruction. Online access is not a requirement of remote learning, but it does require books.

Watch Nell Duke’s Video

In this video, Nell Duke discusses how to provide small group literacy instruction for young children using a videoconferencing platform (Zoom). She walks through a phonics lesson focused on oi and then, more briefly, a lesson that builds knowledge about food chains and flow diagrams. The video concludes with reflections from four instructional coaches and a few final words from Nell Duke.

Visit OER Commons

Free reading options for all Pre K – 12 students. Sites include access for English learners as well as students with reading barriers. Opportunities are highlighted for online reading, downloadable eBooks, audiobooks, apps to read content on smartphones/tablets, and read aloud stories for our youngest learners. This resource includes sample virtual lessons by grade level for both synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Updated May 22, 2023 12:14am