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Why Agriculture?

It’s all about you now… so you can be all about Agriculture in your future.

Did you know  that the world’s current population of 7 billion people is projected to balloon to over 9 billion people by the time that you retire?  That’s up to three billion more mouths to feed, or, in other words, that’s like adding over nine current United States’ populations to the Earth without adding any more land!  Now, before you start stockpiling food to prepare for this new reality, think about the opportunity it provides!

Projected World Population Growth to 10 Billion


If you’re wondering why the boom happened, dramatic improvements in agriculture over the last century are both the cause and solution! By making a safe, abundant and cheap food supply for the world, agriculture has allowed populations to boom, meaning that not all people had to farm, which has allowed them to specialize in other industries like medicine and technology. Our challenge is now to continue the innovation of past generations and double the amount of food we produce on less ground than before (those people have to live somewhere, right?), while managing our natural resources and the environment in a way that keeps our Earth in a state worth living on!


“So what?” you might be thinking. Well, agriculture needs you! If we are going to meet the challenges of tomorrow, we need the best minds of today and there is no better place to find those minds than in Nebraska schools! It’s an industry that is not going away and is and will be a strength no matter the economic condition. Check out the links to the left to see what career opportunities exist and how best you can prepare yourself for your future!

Updated January 25, 2019 9:35am