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You didn’t have to wear the Jacket back then in order to live the mission today…

Nebraska FFA Alumni & Supporters

The Nebraska FFA Alumni & Supporters is committed to helping FFA deliver on its mission: to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education.

With over 30 active affiliate chapters in Nebraska, the FFA Alumni accomplishes its purpose at the local and state levels by providing assistance and support to chapters, advisors, and members of the FFA.

Similar to a booster club, the FFA Alumni serves as a support organization which does not require that you were a past member.

Proposed Amendments to Bylaws, Mission, and Articles of Incorporation

The proposed changes found in the attachment below will be voted upon during our annual conference in January 2020. Please review and contact a council member if you have questions. If you would like a printed copy, please contact Secretary, Jill Goedeken (

Proposed Amendments to Bylaws, Mission, and Articles of Incorporation

So what is the FFA Alumni?

So why do local FFA programs need an Alumni?

Today’s agriculture is much different from the industry it was just 20 years ago.  Agriculture’s increased diversity is due to scientific and technological advances which have spurred career opportunities that our grandparents could only dream of!

Because of this, agricultural education and FFA programming have expanded to keep pace with the opportunities that the industry presents our young people.  The difficult thing, however, is for agricultural teachers/FFA Advisors to keep current on all aspects of the changing field.  The FFA Alumni is perfectly positioned to provide the support structure for adults that want to support the agricultural youth in the community and state!

What does the Alumni do above the local level?

  • Provide scholarships to the Washington Leadership Conference.
  • Closely monitor state and national legislation that affects agricultural education and the FFA.
  • Provides a government intern program in governmental affairs areas to provide support for agricultural education
  • Support the Nebraska Agricultural Educator’s Association.
  • Supports the annual State Contests and Awards Ceremony at the Nebraska FFA Convention.
  • Support leadership development activities for Nebraska FFA members.
  • Provide the people power to help conduct agricultural education activities.
  • Provide student teacher scholarships in memory of Dr. Ted Ward.

Great!  So how do we start an affiliate?

The National FFA Alumni has provided a quick-start guide to starting an affiliate (National FFA Alumni handbook). Take a look and see how easy it is to get a local group going!

See the following links for more information:

How to Charter an Alumni Affiliate

How can I join?  Does my community already have a FFA Alumni?

Anyone and everyone who supports agricultural education and the FFA is welcome to become a member. Check with your local FFA Advisor to see if your FFA chapter has an Alumni Affiliate.  If they do…join!  If not, encourage others in your community to come together and organize an affiliate to support your local FFA chapter.  The National FFA Alumni goal is for every FFA chapter to have an active Alumni Affiliate by 2020. Another option for membership is to become a member-at-large.  Contact Tammie Steinhauer, membership chair.  Your membership in the FFA Alumni will support FFA Alumni activities at the state and national levels.

What are the advantages of membership?

  • Provide an opportunity to be a member of a nationwide organization supporting FFA youth and the agricultural industry.
  • Life members receive the national FFA magazine.
  • All members receive the national and state alumni newsletters that assist members with ideas and information about agricultural education, FFA, and the FFA Alumni.
  • Eligibility to have a voice in the national and state alumni associations.
  • Your membership adds strength to the over 42,000 members nationwide and over 1,600 members in Nebraska as the FFA Alumni works to support the FFA and agricultural education.
  • Allows you the opportunity to support FFA and agricultural education programs in your community and throughout Nebraska.


How to Charter an Alumni Affiliate

Alumni Starting Affiliate Handbook

One Page to start Alumni Affiliate

Quick guide to Submitting  Alumni Membership

Come join the State FFA Alumni Association for a two day conference to bring local FFA Alumni and State alumni members together for idea sharing, updates, the annual meeting and awards banquet. Take in several tours and enjoy fun and fellowship with fellow FFA Alumni members from across the state.

2019 Nebraska FFA Alumni & Supporters Conference

January 25-26, 2019 – Aurora, Nebraska
Registration Deadline: January 10, 2019

Conference Registration Fee: $20/Couple or $15/Individual
Banquet Fee: $50/Couple or $25/Individual
Barn Quilt Workshop Fee: $50/Non-Routed Edges or $64/Routed Edges (additional registration form with fee mailed to a separate location)

To register, print form below or Conference Register on-line.

Conference Coordinator:
Jill Goedeken
28423 Mason Rd.
Columbus, NE 68601
Phone: 402-276-1076

2019 NE FFA Alumni & Supporters Convention Registration Form

2019 Banquet Itinerary

Barn Quilt Registration Form

Being an Alumni is not just about helping students, it’s also about building friendships and honoring the work we do together!  Check out the following award applications and apply today!


FFA Alumni Award Applications

Al Sick Jr. Service Award App Due December 30

Clausen Outstanding Achievement Award Due December 30

Outstanding State and National Affiliate Award Application Due December 30

Scoring Rubric for Affiliate Award Application

Washington Leadership Conference Scholarship Due December 30


Washington Leadership Conference Scholarship Guidelines

Eligibility: All Active and charted Nebraska FFA Alumni Affiliates are eligible.

A representative of the local FFA Alumni Affiliate must be present at the Nebraska FFA Alumni Awards Banquet in order for the affiliate to be eligible to receive this award.

Also visit the National FFA Alumni site for award information!

Coming at a later date.

Award Recipients

The Al Sick, Jr., Distinguished Service Award award is designed to recognize achievement and service to Agriculture, Agricultural Education, Nebraska FFA and/or FFA Alumni.

Mr. Al Sick, Jr., provided tremendous support and assistance to the formation and organization of the Nebraska FFA Alumni. Mr. Sick was a member of the Nebraska FFA Alumni Council from the founding of the organization in Nebraska (1972) until 1985 (the time of his death). He served as president of the Nebraska FFA Alumni Association and on the National FFA Alumni Council. He was recognized with the Honorary American FFA Degree as well as the Distinguished FFA Alumni Service Award at the National Level.

Chuck Schroeder, Lincoln 1987
Ted Ward, Auburn 1988
Sally Rossman, Atkinson 1989
Mary Pat Finn-Hoag, Norfolk 1990
Robert Pedulla, Scottsbluff 1991
Randy Moeller, Pender 1992
Duane Henrichson, Ceresco 1993
Dennis Rezac, Raymond 1994
Linda Evans, Curtis 1995
Irving Wedeking, Aurora 1996
Gary Maresh, Central City 1997
James Spath, North Bend 1998
Lowell Peters, North Bend 1999
Steven Belitz, Archer 2000
Don Kavan, Morse Bluff 2001
Carol Hilker, Pender, Thurston 2002
Troy Moerker, Mead 2003
Tom Walters, Alliance 2004
Tom Donahue, Raymond Central 2005
Warren Renner, North Bend 2006
Bob Clausen, Columbus 2007
Mark Caha, Ceresco 2008
Larry Knuth, Grand Island 2009
Joe Baldassare, Omaha 2010
Don Eckstein, Schuyler 2011
Les Hornung, Davey 2012
Kurt Frauen, Palmer 2013
Nancy Harders, Cairo 2014
Jill Goedeken, Columbus 2015
Mark Nelson, Ceresco 2016
Gene Wissenburg, Neuman Grove 2017
Tammie Steinhauer, Sutton 2018
Lloyd Bell, Waverly 2019

The Robert “Bob” Clausen Outstanding Achievement Award is designed to identify and recognize FFA Alumni members for their outstanding leadership and service to agricultural education, FFA and FFA Alumni. A candidate must be a FFA Alumni member who has made significant contributions and rendered quality service to agricultural education, FFA and FFA Alumni. Past recipients of this award are ineligible for nomination.

Robert “Bob” Clausen was an instrumental leader in the support and promotion of Agricultural Education throughout the state of Nebraska. Bob was proud of the Nebraska FFA Alumni Association, and served for numerous years on the State Council. He truly recognized the value in Agricultural Leadership.

There was no job too little, too large or too labor-intensive for Bob to accomplish. He was often noted as a reliable individual, someone his fellow friends, families, and council members could count on. Bob was honest, fair, and above all passionate about supporting FFA. Beginning in 2016 the Outstanding Achievement Award is renamed for Bob Clausen.

Cindy Edwards, Alliance 2004

Glen Chratel, North Bend 2004

Stan Heyen, Raymond Central 2004

Jill Goedeken, Columbus Lakeview 2005

Leland Novacek, Raymond Central 2005

Larry Edwards, Alliance 2006

Melvin and Lois Kreitman, North Bend 2006

Mark Rezac, Raymond Central 2006

Jim and Ivy Klug, Columbus Lakeview 2007

Mark Nelson, Raymond Central 2007

Mark Caha, Raymond Central 2007

Tom and Karen Stephensen, Central City 2008

Gary Masek, Raymond Central 2008

John and Pam Becker, Alliance 2009

Kathy Schellpeper, Raymond Central 2009

Sonia Schmid, Columbus Lakeview 2009

Sally Henderson, Alliance 2010

Kevin Henrichson, Raymond Central 2010

Les Hornung, Raymond Central 2010

Larry Neujahr, Osceola 2011

Vicki Nelson, Raymond Central 2012

Gay Stover, Columbus Lakeview 2012

Pat Gabel, Osceola 2012

Amy Shrewsbury, Alliance 2013

Charlie Wright, Alliance 2013

Clint Kesterson, Alliance 2014

Keith and Katie Carter, Alliance 2014

Dan and Linda Egger, Columbus Lakeview 2014

Leland Novacek, Raymond Central 2015
Joan Hornung, Raymond Central 2015
Matt and Michelle Gotschall, Columbus Lakeview 2015
Ryan and Mary Welton, Raymond Central 2016
Jill A. Goedeken, Lakeview 2016
Rich Brodrick, Sutton 2016
Jamie Quick, Alliance 2017
Bart & Kathy Dye, Alliance 2017
Russ & Shari Freeman, Lakeview 2017
Michael Collins, Alliance 2018
Kevin Henrichson, Central 2018
Rachel Wilke, Lakeview 2018
Brad Nygren, Mead 2019
Deb Caha, Central 2019
Paul & Kari Wilke, Lakeview 2019

Applications and qualifications are available from Dr. Lloyd Bell at the University of Nebraska, ALEC Department.

The Nebraska FFA Alumni UNL Student Teacher Scholarship is presented annually in memory of Dr. Ted D. Ward. Dr. Ward, a long time agricultural educator in Nebraska, began his involvement with the profession as an agriculture student at Auburn High School, served as a Nebraska State FFA Secretary, majored in agricultural education at the University of Nebraska, and became an agricultural instructor at both Sargent and Verdigre High Schools. He served in the Nebraska Department of Education as both an agricultural consultant and executive secretary of the Nebraska FFA Association.

Jonathan Anderson 2003
Robert Smith 2004
Kori Kock 2005
Jessica L. Hermansen 2005
Jordan Brabec 2006
Marci Brown 2006
Ann Dvorak 2006
Jody Soester 2006
Cole Blomendahl 2007
Nathan Haman 2007
Shelly Kubicek 2007
Jonathan Lechtenberg 2007
Craig Flaming 2008
Annie Doerr 2008
AnnaLisa Estrela 2009
Matt Dolch 2010
Thomas Dux 2010
Cody Dvorak 2010
Whitney Davis 2010
Sarah Novotny 2010
Jaci Swett 2010
Juliana Batie 2011
Ashton Meints 2011
Siera Zuellner 2011
Jill Petersen 2012
Tyler Spilinek 2012
Kelsey Wetovick 2012
Lacey Brandt 2013
Katie Frenzen 2013
Sydney Paige 2013
Lauren Ibach 2014
Bethany Blackburn 2014
Wade Overturf 2015
Lacey Petersen 2015
Tyler Schindler 2015
Kali Bohling 2016
Alex Cunningham 2016
Katie Husman 2016
Miranda Paitz 2016
Morgan Fangmeier 2017
Morgan Kowalewski 2017
Juliana Krotz 2017
Spencer Noble 2017
Katie Compton 2018
Eleanor Aufdenkamp 2018
Emilye Vales 2018
Kara Bruns 2018

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