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State Convention Opportunities

There are many ways to participate, serve, get involved and honor others at the Nebraska FFA Convention!
See below for information and applications for these events and programs.

Nebraska FFA Talent

Whether as part of a group or going solo, volunteer to show off your talents during the Nebraska FFA Convention! Nebraska FFA Talent Applications are open to 7th – 12th grade Nebraska FFA members. Any talent entries that have inappropriate lyrics or allude to drugs, alcohol, violence and inappropriate/physical relationships will be disqualified. It is up to the discretion of Nebraska FFA staff to determine if songs/lyrics are appropriate.

Apply for Talent Now: 2019 State FFA Talent Application

Nebraska FFA Honor Choir

Apply to be part of the Nebraska FFA State Honor Choir!  Applications must be certified by the local school’s music instructor. Nebraska FFA Honor Choir Applications are open to 9th – 12th grade Nebraska FFA members.

Apply for the Honor Choir Now:
Step 1: NE FFA State Convention: 2019 FFA Honor Choir Student Application – Due December 15
Please note that auditions must be recorded and posted as an online (SchoolTube, YouTube, etc.) video so that the local music instructor may submit the link in the recommendation form found in the link below.
Step 2: NE FFA State Convention: 2019 FFA Honor Choir Music Instructor Recommendation – Due December 15
Rules, Procedures, Selection and Music for use in the Honor Choir application process:

Representatives from Nebraska agriculture groups are excited to again announce a tremendous opportunity for Nebraska’s FFA members.

The FFA State Convention will host the 8th annual Agricultural Issues Academy. This leadership development opportunity will provide participants with the skills they need to become spokespeople for agriculture.

Selection of participants will be handled through an application process. Interested students will need to complete the application (link below), as well as include a resume (pdf attachment in application), head and shoulder photo (picture upload in application), media release (release located below, to be complete and uploaded as a pdf in the application) and have his or her advisor complete the advisor recommendation form (link below). Applications submitted after the due date will not be considered.

Participants will be informed of selection by mid-February. A webinar will be scheduled in late February to early March to provide necessary background information to participants and outline expectations and responsibilities prior to the Ag Issues Academy. Prior to attending the Agricultural Issues Academy participants will be provided with materials to review and be required to start building an understanding of a particular agriculture issue that is currently impacting the industry.

At the event members will participate in exercises where they will learn how to be an advocate for agriculture, and develop a deeper understanding for issues important to agriculture. Representatives from the media will share experience of effective ways of telling the next generation of agriculture’s story.

Agricultural Issues Academy Application – link will be live at a later date

Advisor Recommendation Form – link will be live at a later date


AIA Files

Agricultural Issues Academy Media Release

Cornerstone Award Nomination Form

Many agricultural education programs exist, in part, because of outstanding support provided by administrators. We enthusiastically recognize outstanding administrators in their support of agricultural education and FFA during the annual state convention. All nominees will be reviewed by a committee, and selected award recipients will be notified by the Nebraska FFA office. Nominations are due February 15.

Click to Nominate: Cornerstone Award Candidate

Honorary State FFA Degree

The State FFA Degree is the highest honor the Nebraska FFA Association can bestow on a member. Likewise, the Honorary State FFA Degree is a way that adults can be recognized at this esteemed level. Nominees may come from the local chapter or state level.  Applications are Due February 15.

To nominate an adult supporter (other than a current agriculture teacher), someone who supports your local program or who has made an impact on local students, click the link below.

Click to Nominate: Adult Supporter Honorary State FFA Degree

To nominate your agricultural education teacher, click on the link below, or visit the Nominate Your Teacher page to see all of the categories and programs available, including the Honorary State FFA Degree.

Click to Nominate: Agricultural Education Teacher Honorary State FFA Degree 

Nebraska FFA Courtesy Corps

The State FFA Convention is the highlight of the year for thousands of Nebraska FFA members.  With so much happening over three days, the Nebraska FFA Association needs quality FFA members to serve in logistical positions to help everything run smoothly.  Courtesy Corps members often serve as ushers, door assistance, help seat guests or assist in competitive events.

Click to Apply: Courtesy Corp Application

Note: Because serving as a Nebraska FFA State Officer is a statewide service program that extends beyond the scope of the state convention, the application materials may be found on the Nebraska FFA State Officer Team page.

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