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2006 Annual Reports

Special Populations/Gender Equity

Nontraditional, Disabilities, Displaced Homemakers/Single Parents,
ESL, Economically Disadvantaged


2006 Annual Reports

Developing your annual reports may be into power points. Included are some examples.

Central Community College—Annual Report.ppt      pdf

Central Community College—CyberCamp4Girls.ppt      pdf     

Central Community College—Hiway to Health.ppt          pdf

Central Community College—Nontrad Opportunities for Women.ppt      pdf

Central Community College—Workforce Equity Services.ppt     pdf

Metropolitan Community College—Conference Report.ppt

Metropolitan Community CollegeStrengthening.ppt

Metropolitan Community College—YWCA.ppt

Northeast Community College—Final Report.ppt

Northeast Community College—Career Camp.ppt        pdf

Southeast Community College—Beatrice.ppt    pdf

Southeast Community College—Lincoln.ppt     pdf

Southeast Community College—Milford.ppt     pdf

Nebraska’s YWCA      pdf

Women in Trades Women in Trades

Eventually, we like to put all of your nontrad projects on the web at a site like this one in Minnesota.