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Major in Agriculture

Nebraska Colleges offer world-class instruction on campuses across the state. We need students in all areas of the industry to bring their brains, bodies, and talents to study, innovate, and improve agriculture for a growing world population! Check up on the colleges by clicking through the tabs below!

UNL graphic identifierUniversity of NebraskaLincoln

The University of Nebraska

—Lincoln provides education to over 1,800 students studying agriculture in the College of Agricultural Scie

nces and Natural Resources (CASNR).  As a four-year institution, students enjoy programing in 28 programs of study.  Click to visit CASNR’s site!



UNL graphic identifier

Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture

Located in Curtis, Nebraska, the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (NCTA) provides instruction in four agriculture program areas.  With a s

mall-town atmosphere, NCTA is part of the University of Nebraska—Lincoln and provides students with agricultural opportunities with 2-year degree programs.  Click to visit NCTA’s site!

Chadron State College

Located in Chadron, Nebraska, Chadron State College (CSC) provides agricultural students experience in Rangeland Management and and Ecology.  Visit Chadron State College’s site!


Wayne State College

Wayne State College (WSC) is based in Wayne, Nebraska and provides instruction in Agribusiness.  Industrial Technology teachers are also trained at WSC.  Visit Wayne State College’s site!

Central Community College

Located in Columbus, Grand Island, and Hastings, Nebraska

Click to visit Central Community College’s site!



Northeast Community College

Located in Norfolk, Nebraska

Click to visit Northeast Community College’s site!



Metro Community College

Located in Omaha, Bellevue, Fremont and Elkhorn, Nebraska

Click to visit Metro Community College’s site!



Mid-Plains Community College

Located in North Platte and McCook, Nebraska

Click to visit Mid-Plains Community College’s site!



Southeast Community College

Located in Beatrice, Milford, and Lincoln, Nebraska

Click to visit Southeast Community College!


Western Nebraska Community College

Located in Scottsbluff, Sidney, and Alliance, Nebraska

Click to visit Western Nebraska Community College’s site!

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