Textiles, Construction & Design

Textiles, Construction & Design – 090103

Course Description: This course provides instruction in social, psychological and physiological aspects of clothing and textiles. Textile and apparel design, selection, construction, maintenance and alteration of textile products will be covered. This course integrates knowledge, skills, and practices required for careers in textiles, scientific research, and fashion and marketing.

Textiles, Construction & Design Curriculum

Standard 1
The student will analyze career paths within textile apparel and design industries.

Textile Careers PowerPoint


Standard 2
The student will evaluate fiber and textile products and materials.

Laundry PowerPoint
5 Day Lesson Plan
Care Symbol Project
Care Symbol Handout 
Sorting PowerPoint
Sorting Project Key

Sorting Project Worksheet
Stain Removal Guide I
Stain Removal Guide II
Outline for Notes


Standard 3
The student will demonstrate fashion, apparel, and textile design skills.

Textile Project Selection
Textile Project Selection PowerPoint
Pattern Measurement Charts


Standard 4
The student will demonstrate skills needed to produce, alter, or repair fashion, apparel, and textile products.

Construction Methods
Flat Felled Seam 
French Seam
Zigzag Seam

Why We Finish Seams


Standard 5
The student will evaluate elements of textile, apparel, and fashion merchandising.

Elements & Principles of Design in Fashion
Principles of Design in Fashion PowerPoint


Additional Resources

90 Day Pacing Guide

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