Parenting Decisions

Parenting Decisions – 090117

Course Description: Students will evaluate the effects of parenting roles and responsibilities on the well-being of individuals and families. In this course students will explain the following: influences on parenting, decisions to parent, family planning, conception, prenatal development, healthy pregnancy, birth, care of the newborn, support services for parents, supporting the physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development of the newborn, parenting theories, and family adjustment to parenthood.

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Standard 1
The student will analyze roles and responsibilities of parenting.


Standard 2
The student will evaluate parenting practices that maximize human growth and development.


Standard 3
The student will evaluate external support systems that provide services for parents.


Standard 4
The student will analyze physical and emotional factors related to beginning the parenting process.


Standard 5
Analyze strategies for caring for an infant and nurturing children.


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