Introduction to Human Sciences

Introduction to Human Sciences – 090101

Course Description: This course is intended to enable students to have a broad scope of experiences that will provide an overview and fundamental knowledge and essential skills of Human Sciences with a foundation but not limited to family and consumer sciences. Students will explore career possibilities and develop a personal learning plan. Students will practice basic life and career readiness skill and learn to apply them to personal life situations.

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Standard 1
Student will utilize career readiness standards for career preparation.


Standard 2
Student will explore the textile industry.


Standard 3
Student will explore personal and work relationships.


Standard 4
Student will explore child development and care.


Standard 5
Student will explore human food, nutrition, and wellness.


Standard 6
Student will explore housing and design.


Standard 7
Student will explore resource management (human, material, and community resources).


Standard 8
Student will understand the interrelatedness of all areas of human sciences and family and consumer sciences.


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