Human Food, Nutrition and Wellness

Human Food, Nutrition & Wellness – 090107

Course Description: This course is deigned to provide students with the base foundation knowledge of food selection and preparation needed to successfully fuel the human body through consumption of food and resulting food energy. With a beginning foundation of nutrition and food science, students will learn basic preparation skills, the reason behind the reactions of foods and the short-term and long-term wellness consequences as a result of nutritional intake, and exposure to careers related to the food industry.

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Standard 1
Students will understand the basics of the six essential components in food.


Standard 2
Student will plan, manage, and evaluate a diet using the USDA Guidelines.


Standard 3
Student will connect the functions of the gastrointestinal system to the functions of the six essential nutrients.


Standard 4
Students will connect genetics, obesity, weight control, lifestyle and how they relate.


Standard 5
Students will evaluate nutritional needs throughout the lifespan.


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