Housing & Interior Design

Housing and Interior Design – 090109

Course Description: This course provides instruction in the physical, physiological and social influences of housing styles and option; exterior and interior design; selection, use and care of home furnishings and equipment; use of available resources for achieving improved living space to meet individual and family needs; and exposure to careers related to housing and interior design.


Housing and Interior Design Curriculum

Standard 1
The student will analyze career paths within the housing, interior design, and furnishings industries.

Careers in Housing & Interior Design PowerPoint

Standard 2
The student will evaluate client’s needs, goals, and resources in creating design plans for housing and residential and commercial interiors.

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Standard 3
The student will analyze design and development of architecture, interiors, and furnishings through the ages.

Architecture in America
Outline for Notes

Human Needs in Housing
Human Needs in Housing PowerPoint
Outline for Notes

Furniture Styles
Furniture Styles PowerPoint
Outline for Notes


Standard 4
The student will demonstrate design, construction document reading, and space planning skills required for the housing, interior design and furnishings industries.

Drafting PowerPoint

Perspectives & Elevations
Perspectives and Elevations PowerPoint

Furniture Arrangement & Traffic Patterns
Furniture Arrangement & Traffic Patterns PowerPoint

Kitchens PowerPoint

Utility Areas, Laundry, Garages & Mechanical
Utility Areas, Laundry, Garages & Mechanical PowerPoint

Construction Materials
Construction Materials PowerPoint
Outline for Notes

Landscaping PowerPoint
Outline for Notes

Operating Systems of the Home
Operating Systems of the Home PowerPoint
Outline for Notes


Standard 5
The student will apply housing and interior design knowledge, skills and processes to meet specific design needs.

Lighting & Accessories
Lighting & Accessories PowerPoint
Outline for Notes

Interior Backgrounds
Backgrounds, Walls, Windows & Floors PowerPoint
Outline for Notes


Standard 6
The student will evaluate housing and design concepts.

Line PowerPoint
Outline for Notes

Form PowerPoint
Outline for Notes

Texture PowerPoint

Color PowerPoint
Outline for Notes

Rhythm & Proportion
Proportion PowerPoint
Outline for Notes

Balance, Harmony & Emphasis
Harmony & Emphasis PowerPoint
Balance PowerPoint
Outline for Notes


Standard 7
The student will apply design knowledge, skills, processes, and oral, written, and visual presentation skills to communicate design ideas.

Closure to Housing & Interior Design
Final Housing Project
Semester Test Review
Semester Test Review for Seniors in Housing & Interior Design


Additional Resources

90 Day Pacing Guide

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