Experiencing Teaching

Experiencing Teaching – 350010

Course Description: This course provides students with volunteer experience in fields related to education. Goals are cooperatively set by student and supervising teacher so that students increase their understanding about the roles and responsibilities of a teacher. Opportunities may include experiencing teaching in a controlled setting by designing learning experiences and giving presentations. Classroom instruction could include questioning, developing objectives and assessments, safety practices, IEP development and technology applications.

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Standard 1
Students will experience the teaching profession by observing various career opportunities at every educational level.


Standard 2
Students will demonstrate a variety of instructional techniques used to meet the needs of all learners by examining current practices and research.


Standard 3
Students will theorize the impact of effective classroom management and discipline strategies on student learning.


Standard 4
Students will prove how political, social, and cultural influences impact education.


Standard 5
Students will examine the preparation needed for education and training professions.


Standard 6
Students will conduct field experiences.



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