Business, Hospitality, and Tourism Prostart II

Business, Hospitality, and Tourism Prostart II – 370031

Course Description: This course is designed to provide students with an industry-driven curriculum providing real-life opportunities and the application of practical skills encompassing culinary techniques and management skills.

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Standard 1
Students will demonstrate procedures applied to safety, security, and environmental issues in the food service industry.


Standard 2
Students will demonstrate implementation of food service management and leadership functions.


Standard 3
Students will demonstrate menu planning and preparation techniques to meet customers’ nutritional needs.


Standard 4
Students will investigate cost analysis and control, menu planning, inventory and purchasing, receiving and storage, marketing, and sustainability practices in quality food service operations.


Standard 5
Students will apply concepts of quality service to assure customer satisfaction.


Standard 6
Students will prepare a variety of culturally authentic ethnic recipes.



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