Business, Hospitality, and Tourism Prostart I

Business, Hospitality, and Tourism Prostart I – 370030

Course Description: This foundational course is an industry-driven curriculum that prepares students for careers in the restaurant and foodservice management industry. This course will focus on the following topics: career paths, safety and sanitation, industry standards, food methods and techniques, food service management, and customer service.

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Standard 1
Students will analyze career paths within the food production and food services industries.


Standard 2
Students will demonstrate food safety and sanitation procedures.


Standard 3
Students will demonstrate industry standards in selecting, using, and maintaining food production and food service equipment.


Standard 4
Students will demonstrate professional food preparation methods and techniques for all menu categories to produce a variety of food products that meet customer needs.


Standard 5
Students will demonstrate implementation of food service management and leadership functions.


Standard 6
Students will demonstrate the concept of internal and external customer service.



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