Human Growth & Development

Human Growth & Development – 350002

Course Description: This course covers the study of human development (physical, mental, emotional and social) either from infancy through adolescence, or through the entire lifespan. Includes how to develop positive interactions with others and how development can be guided at each age.


Human Development Curriculum

Standard 1
Students will analyze principles of human growth and development.

Outline for Notes

Infants & Toddlers
Infants & Toddlers PowerPoint
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Adolescence PowerPoint

Outline for Notes

Adolescence Challenges
Adolescence Challenges PowerPoint
Outline for Notes

Young Adulthood
Young Adulthood PowerPoint
Outline for Notes

Middle Adulthood
Middle Adulthood PowerPoint
Outline for Notes

Adulthood PowerPoint
Outline for Notes

Mature Adulthood
Mature Adulthood PowerPoint
Notes for Mature Adulthood
Relate to Older Adults PowerPoint – Chapter 15 of Families Today textbook

Decision Making & Problem Solving
Decision Making & Problem Solving PowerPoint
Outline for Notes
Square Cooperative Problem-solving Activity


Standard 2
Examine conditions that influence human growth and development.

Birth PowerPoint
Outline for Notes

Human Sexuality
Human Sexuality PowerPoint
Outline for Notes

Marriage PowerPoint
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Standard 3
Analyze strategies that promote growth and development across the life span.

Parenting Styles & Family Structure
Parenting Styles & Family Structure PowerPoint
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Communication PowerPoint
Analyzing Your Own Communication Skills
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Careers in Human Development PowerPoint
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Death in America PowerPoint
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Gravestones Design
Planning for a Funeral

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Crisis PowerPoint – Taken from Chapter 16 of Families Today
Divorce & Remarriage PowerPoint – Taken from Chapter 14 of Families Today
Challenge of Change PowerPoint – Taken from Chapter 13 of Families Today
Balance Work and Family Life PowerPoint – Taken from Chapter 12 of Families Today
Impact of Technology PowerPoint– Taken from Chapter 11 of Families Today


Additional Resources

Parenting/Pregnancy Decision
Alternatives to Biological Parenting

Human Needs, Values, Goals & Standards
Human Needs, Values, Goals & Standards PowerPoint
Pyramid of Human Needs

Drug Abuse
Drug Abuse – Meth PowerPoint
HIV Transmission Game

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