Exercise Science Sports Medicine Curriculum

The curriculum guide provides direction in teaching the Exercise Science / Sports Medicine Standards and Objectives.

The guide has been designed to offer guidance and flexibility, supporting the creative flow of the instructional process. The curriculum guide alone is not sufficient to provide adequate learning experiences for all students. It is recommended that clinical and practical experiences be provided for students.

The curriculum guide does identify learning/instructions that are critical for mastery of an objective. Teachers can use available materials and resources, including but not limited to textbooks to plan lessons which give students maximum opportunities to utilize all domains of learning–cognitive, psychometer and effective.

The curriculum guide provides teachers with suggestions for classroom learning experiences, which are aimed specifically toward the objectives. However, teaching methods and classroom organizational techniques are left up to the teacher’s expertise and knowledge of students various learning styles. Teachers are encouraged to teach the curriculum in such a way that learning time is effective and learning is maximized.

Download Exercise Science – Sports Medicine Curriculum


Updated December 12, 2018 4:21pm