Career Exploration

Career exploration skills consists of learning how to identify and analyze various career options in terms of what education, training, experience and competencies are required for success. Exploration includes learning in workplace environments or directly in workplaces to discover what it may be like to work in different occupations. It also involves learning how to evaluate how well a career matches or fits one’s own interests, skills, strengths and work values.


There are three components:

Nebraska Career Education

Nebraska Career Education (NCE) teaches individuals to turn their passion, talent and abilities into successful careers and fulfilling lives

Labor Market Information

Career choices should consider talents and passions; however, the economy determines income and job openings.  It is a high-risk decision to select and prepare for occupations with low projected career opportunities.  Be mindful of labor market information.

Workplace Experiences

Learning in a workplace is one of the best ways to determine if a career choice is a good fit.