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Data + Research + Analytics (DRAW)

DRAW Homepage


The Data, Research, and Analytics Website (DRAW) provides quick access to empirical information related to Career & Technical Education (CTE) in Nebraska.

DRAW contains the following sections:


The data section provides links to a series of data resources with information concerning Nebraska career education students. Specific features include: Nebraska’s new self-service Data Reporting System (DRS), the annual State of the Schools Report with details regarding Nebraska’s public school and student performance, Report Cards displaying Local Education Agency (LEA) Perkins performance information, Program Improvement Plan details for LEAs performing below Nebraska’s state goals, and general accountability information for secondary and postsecondary institutions.


Both original and secondary research pertaining to CTE in Nebraska is housed in this portion of the DRAW. Complimenting each study you will find explanatory information about the research presented, as well as a discussion of the implications of this research for Nebraska Career Education.


Here, career education student information is disaggregated into general categories: Indicators, Enrollment, Statistics, Clusters & Fields, and Career Student Organizations (CSOs). This portion of the DRAW provides easy access to detailed information about Nebraska’s career education students organized into five meaningful and useful sections.